Nissan Security Plus Protection Plan

The Nissan Added Security Plan (ASP) is not just an extended service plan. It's a commitment to be there for you, to enhance the quality experience of driving your Nissan, and to help you leave your worries behind. Different plans let you tailor the coverage to your driving habits. For ultimate peace of mind, consider the ASP Purchase Plan or Lease Plan. Please see your Nissan Dealership for more information.

Engine Mechanical
Engine Management
Fuel System and Control
Front Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive
Four Wheel Drive
Nissan A/C
Interior Mechanism
High Tech
  Benefits Coverage
Premium Roadside Assistance Services
Mechanical Breakdown Towing
Emergency Transportation
Trip Interruption Services
On-site Emergency Road Service Calls
Traffic Accident Services
Hazardous Weather Services
Travel Planning and Discounts
Legal Assistance Services
Stolen Vehicle Services
Rental Vehicle Assistance
Component Coverage
Engine Mechanical
Anti-Roll Struts/Dampers
Core Plugs
Crankshaft Pulley
Cylinder Block and All Internal Parts
Cylinder Head and All Lubricated Parts
Drive Plate
Engine Mounts
Fan Motor
Fans & Clutch
Flywheel Ring Gear
Gauge Oil level
Harmonic Balancer
Oil Pan
Oil Pump
Seals and Gaskets for Covered Components
Timing Belt Tensioner
Timing Chain Cover
Timing Gears/Belt/Chain Other Than Maintenance
Turbocharger Valves
Valve/Rocker Covers
Water Pump
Engine Management
Actuator-Bypass Valve
Air Induction System
EGR Control Solenoid Valve
EGR Rate and Feedback Control
EGR Valve
Electronic Ignition
EVAP Canister
EVAP Canister Purge Control Valve
Idle Air Control Valve
Ignition Coil
Throttle Body
Vacuum and Temperature Sensitive Valves Used in Above Mentioned Components
Fuel System and Control
Accelerator Cable and Bracket
Accelerator Pedal, Spring and Bracket
Automatic Shut Off/ Rollover Valve
Fuel Cap
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Control Module
Fuel Sensors
Fuel Solenoids
Fuel Tank and Lines
Fuel Tank Sending Units
Pressure Regulator
Seals & Gaskets for Covered Components
Bell Housing
Clutch Interlock Switch
Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Pedal and Cable
Inhibitor Switch
Oil Cooler and Lines
Oil Pump
Operating Cylinder (Slave)
Over Drive Control Switch
Seals and Gaskets for Listed Components
Shift Lever, Mechanism, Linkage, Cables, Bushing
Shiftlock System
Speedo Cable/Electronic Sensor
Torque Converter
Transmission Case & All Internal Parts
Transmission Mounts
Gear Housing & All Internal Parts
Linkage and Couplings
Power Steering Pump
Rack and Pinion Assembly
Reservoir Tank
Seals and Gaskets for Covered Components
Steering Columns & Intermediate Shafts
Steering Transfer Box
Tie Rod Ends
Tilt Steering Mechanism
Actuators for Listed Components
Combination Switch
Electrical Switches
Electronic Instrument Cluster
Factory Audio Compts and Speakers
Flashers - Hazard and Turn Signal
Heated Seat and Switch
Ignition Coil and Modules
Ignition Switch
OEM Anti-Theft System
Power Door locks
Power Mirror Motor and Switch
Power Seat Motor
Power Trunk Release and Switch
Power Window Motor
Rear Wiper Motor and Washer Motor
Relays for the Covered Components
Starter Motor
Sunroof Motor
Voltage Regulator
Warning Buzzers
Washer Motors
Window Regulators Inc. Motor
Windshield Wiper Motor
Automatic Adjuster
Brake Pedal
Disc Calipers
Hydraulic Valves, Line and Fittings
Master Cylinder
Parking Brake Lever and release
Proportioning Valve
Reservior Tank
Seals and Gaskets for Covered Components
Vacuum Assist Boosters
Wheel Cylinders
Axle/Suspension Front Wheel Drive
Anchor Arm
Axle Shafts (excluding Boots)
Constant Velocity Joints (except CV Boots)
Control Arm Shafts & Bushings
Final Drive Housing & Internal Parts
Front Axle Cross Member
Front Coil Spring
Front Wheel Bearings and Seals
Linkage and Bushings
Seals and Gaskets for Covered Components
Stabilizer Shaft
Strut Mounting Plates, Bushings & Bearings
Tension Rod
Torque Arm
Upper & Lower Ball Joints
Upper and Lower Control Arms
Wheel Bearings & Seals
Axle/Suspension Rear Wheel Drive/Four Wheel Drive
Axle Bearings and Retainers
Cross Member
CV Joints (except CV Joint boots)
Differential Case and All Internal Parts
Drive Shafts (Front and Rear)
Lateral Link
Leaf Spring
Locking Hubs
Lower Control Arm & Bushings
Multi-link Components
Oil Pan and Differential Cover
Propeller Shaft
Rear Trailing Arm Axle
Seals and Gaskets for Listed Components
Suspension Arm Axle
Torsion Bars
Transfer Case and All Internal Parts
Universal Joints
Viscous Coupling
Nissan A/C
Blower Motor
Clutch and Pulley
Condenser Fan and Motor
Expansion Valve
Heater Control and Cables
Heater Unit and Heater Core
High and Low Pressure Hoses
High and Low Rear A/C Tube Assemblies
Seals and Gaskets for Listed Components
Temperature Control Programmer
Body/Window Interior Mechanism
Glass Lift Channel, Retainer, Slide, Stabilizer & Track Guide
Globe Box Locking Mechanism
Hood or Hatch Strut
Ignition, Door Lock Cylinders
Outer/Inner Door Handles
Seat Adjusters, Cables, Reclining Seat, Back Release, Seat Back Latch, Tracks and Guide.
High Tech
A/T Control Unit
A/T Fluid Temperature Sensor
ABS Actuator, Module & Sensors
Air/Fuel Ratio Feedback and/or Control
Back Pressure Transducer
Body Control Module (BCM)
Control Units
Cruise Control
ECCS Module
Electronic Sensors and Solenoids
Revolution Sensor
Sensors - Anti-Skid and Deceleration
Vehicle Speed Sensor